02 avril 2018

Attentive woman

  The nowadays Angolan woman who marks her presence at various levels of society and the world, follows the evolution of technology
02 avril 2018

Bath in hose

    Two friends without any water at home find a public hose flowing water. All the two, excited, enjoying a bath of joy.
15 février 2017

Cristiano Mangovo

  Cristiano Mangovo Brás was born in 1982 in Cabinda - Angola. As minor refugee in the DRC, he received his undergraduate degree in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. After a training of few months in the studio of the artist Narciso Nsimambote, he worked with master António Ana Etona and Lázaro Patrício Mawete, and then participated in several Workshops on urban scenery and performance. His work is multifaceted, ranging from portraiture to impressionism and surrealism, through installation, in which he... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2015


My residence in Paris-France and my painting process, The daily scenes of my life, and urban landscapes inspire me. I’m here thanks to the support of French Alliance  and Ensa Arte, for two months of a creative residence. This residence offered me to value my painting work to the same level as my favorite discipline, The sculpture.  I think the motorbike like an object wich permit to go on, to escape of the trafic, to arrive on time, to move on faster. We used to use it in my country as means of tranport :... [Lire la suite]